Committee Responsibilities

Membership Committee Responsibilities

  • Recruit members for the ESC state chapter
    • Any person joining the ESC are members of their respective state’s ESC chapter
  • Gather contact information of interested persons (e.g., attendee lists from conferences and other events attended by chapter members) and e-mail this contact information to the national ESC

Outreach Committee Responsibilities

  • Identify organizations whose members would benefit from learning about performance contracting; arrange to have articles in newsletters and ESC speakers at their meetings
  • Work with National ESC to prepare and submit news releases describing ESC state chapter’s achievements
  • Prepare and keep a calendar of upcoming state chapter events
  • Prepare articles on state chapter events that have occurred (with pictures if possible)
  • Submit calendar and articles to the National ESC for posting on the ESC web site

Workshops Committee Responsibilities

  • Hold performance contracting workshop(s) each year
    • Coordinate workshop logistics with the National ESC
    • National ESC can provide attendee registration through the ESC web site

State-Specific Documents Committee Responsibilities

  • Prepare a short summary of the laws/rules relating to performance contracting in the state
    • Cover each vertical market in the state
    • Include contacts and web links for additional information on rules applying to each vertical market
    • An ESC template is available
  • Prepare a state-specific guide to performance contracting based on ESC template
  • If necessary, prepare state-specific versions of ESC procurement and contracting documents
    • Start with ESC template documents
    • Where possible, suggest improvements to national documents so they can be tailored to meet both state-specific and national needs
  • Prepare quarterly and annual summaries of new performance contracting projects in the state
    • Project address, contact information, square feet, expected energy savings
    • Submit to the State Chapter Outreach Committee and the National ESC so they can work together to promote recognition
  • Submit prepared documents to the national ESC Documents Committee for review, approval, and inclusion on the ESC web site